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National Disability Voter Registration Week (NDVRW) is scheduled for July 13-17, 2020. Voters with disabilities are under-represented at the ballot box.  Let’s work together to change that and REV Up the disability vote, and get more people with disabilities registered to vote.

Thanks to Governor Tony Evers for his proclamation proclaiming National Disability Voter Registration week throughout the state of Wisconsin. View the Governor’s Proclamation.

Here’s what you can to participate in National Disability Voter Registration Week.

  • Develop your organization’s plan to support voters with disabilities with voter registration and absentee voting.  When you make a wellness call, or do a home visit, ask about voter registration, applying for an absentee ballot, and if help is needed.  Our Sample Voter Outreach Script will give you ideas.
  • Schedule activities for July 13 – 17 to promote voter registration.  If can be a virtual event, phone banking to call your members, a social media campaign or whatever works for your organization!  The Disability Vote Coalition has a ton of resources that you can use and we have a list of Partnering Ideas to get your started.
  •  Assist voters to complete “My Voting Plan”.
  • The League of Women Voters has a great guide on how you can help voters with Voter Registration.  If there is a League chapter in your area of the state, see if they can partner with you:  League of Women Voters Local Leagues
  • The Disability Vote Coalition is hosting the following trainings and events to REV UP the disability vote.  JOIN US!
  • The Disability Vote Coalition held a training to support our partners to participate in National Disability Voter Registration Week.  We invite you to use the training materials  to support your organization’s participation in National Disability Voter Registration Week.
  • Video training modules produced by League of Women Voters of Dane County on voter registration and other topics:

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