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DVC 2020 Elections Voting FAQ

The Disability Vote Coalition has an updated resource with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we are hearing from people with disabilities…
Absentee Voting fact sheet first page

Absentee Voting Fact Sheet – 2020 Elections

The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition encourages voters to vote absentee in the August 11 and November 3 elections because of…
Front page of voting fact sheet

Make Your Plan to Vote on November 3rd

Here is a step by step guide to help you make a plan to vote in the November 3rd Presidential …
Front page of Background Papers document

New Resource to Educate Candidates about Disability Issues

The November 3rd election provides an important opportunity to educate candidates about policy issues important to the disability community.    Survival…
First page of voter restoration fact sheet

Guardianship and Voting- Restoring your Right to Vote

Quick Reference: Guardianship and Voting- Restoring your Right to Vote (accessible pdf) Learn about your right to vote in Wisconsin…
Front page of Census Guide for People with Disabilities fact sheet

Census Guide for People with Disabilities

Every 10 years, the US government counts everyone in the country.  We will have a census in 2020.  The census…

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