Statement of Support for SB 937 – Indefinitely Confined Voters


Wisconsin’s Indefinitely Confined Voter status is vitally important to ensuring that many voters who are disabled, frail, or have a physical illness can cast a ballot and have equitable access to voting. In this statement, disability and aging groups and our partners indicate support for the amended version of SB 937, Indefinitely Confined Voters, including an amendment to be offered on the Senate floor on February 22. We are supporting this bill because it is critically important to maintain this vital protection for indefinitely confined voters with bipartisan support. While not all of the changes we supported were included, the bill was amended to address the most serious concerns advocates raised at the hearing. An additional amendment which advocates strongly support will be offered on the floor to further improve the bill by clarifying the definition of disability in the bill and aligning it with the language used by the Social Security Administration.

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