Legislative Audit Bureau Report on Election Administration

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The Legislative Audit Bureau has released their report on administration of the November 2020 election.

Overall the report affirms that our elections are safe, secure, and accurate. In the report, the Legislative Audit Bureau makes 30 recommendations to the Wisconsin Elections Commission and 18 issues for the Wisconsin Legislature to consider. DRW was one of three voter advocacy organizations interviewed during the Legislative Audit Bureau’s audit. We are currently in the process of analyzing the recommendations, assessing to what extent they align with the Disability Vote Coalition policy recommendations, and determining how we can best work with the Legislature and Wisconsin Election Commission to make our elections more accessible and inclusive.

Public Hearing: Legislative Audit Bureau

The Legislative Audit Bureau held a public hearing on the report on November 9th.

December 2021 Meeting: Wisconsin Election Committee

The Wisconsin Election Commission is meeting to discuss report findings on December 1st at 9:00am. Public comment will be taken at that time.

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