DVC in the News – 2021

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The Disability Vote Coalition is in the news! Here are links to some recent articles:

WUWM, April 15, 2020
How Wisconsin Republicans’ voting law proposals make it harder for people with disabilities to vote

WUWM, April 16, 2021
Advocates for people with disabilities decry GOP proposed election law changes

Wisconsin Examiner, April 20, 2020
Partisan attempts to restrict voting snares voters with disabilities

WPR, May 5, 2021
Wisconsin Senators consider proposed absentee voting limits

TMJ4 Milwaukee, May 10, 2021
Wisconsin voting bill could have ramifications for people with disabilities

CBS58 WDJT-Milwaukee, May 11, 2021
Senate approves bills to overhaul police policies, changes to election laws

4 CBS Minnesota, May 12, 2021
Wisconsin Disabled community opposes changes to election law: ‘Ultimately, they’re harming a very large minority’

Wisconsin State Journal, May 12, 2021
Disability advocates push back against GOP voting legislation

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 12, 2021
Disabled voters say Republican efforts in Wisconsin Legislature will make it harder for them to cast ballots

The Telegraph / Associated Press, May 12, 2021
Wisconsin disabled community opposes election law changes

WUWM, May 12, 2021
Wisconsin disabled community opposes election law changes

NBC 26, Green Bay, May 12, 2021
Wisconsin disabled community opposes election law changes

WFDL Radio, Fond du Lac, May 13, 2021
Wisconsin disabled community opposes election law changes

Spectrum News 1, May 14, 2021
Advocates say absentee bills would limit disabled voter access

Capital Times, May 26, 2021
Disabled voters need access to absentee ballots

PEW Charitable Trusts, May 26, 2021
DMV roadblocks could disenfranchise voters, report finds

Wisconsin Health News, June 10, 2021
Wisconsin Senate acts on pharmacy, election bills

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 13, 2021
Milwaukee Bucks, business leaders join letter opposing GOP voting bills moving through Wisconsin Legislature

The New York Times, June 14, 2021
G.O.P bills rattle disabled voters: ‘We don’t have a voice anymore’

Wisconsin Examiner, June 15, 2021
The broad battle against limiting voting rights

U.S. News, June 22, 2021
Wisconsin Republicans Send Election Bills to Governor

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 22, 2021
Wisconsin Assembly Sends Election Bills to Gov. Evers, Who is Sure to Veto Them

Wisconsin Examiner, June 23, 2021
Pleas by Advocates for Elderly and Disabled Ignored as Assembly Passes Voter Restrictions

The Capital Times, June 23, 2021
Wisconsin Assembly Sends Bills Tightening Absentee Voting Rules to Gov. Evers

The 715 Newsroom, July 2nd, 2021
New Report Outlines Voting Accessibility

Up North News, July 14, 2021
‘They’re More Than Willing To Suppress My Vote’: Voters With Disabilities Sound off on GOP Voting Bills

WUWM 89.7FM: Milwaukee’s NPR, February 8, 2022
Wisconsin Senate committee holds hearing on election bills critics say make voting harder

Wisconsin Examiner, February 8, 2022
‘Zucker-bucks,’ and Russian collusion discussed in hearing on Republican election bills

WUWM 89.7FM: Milwaukee’s NPR, February 9, 2022
Wednesday on Lake Effect: voting access legislation, artist Vedale Hill, understanding the birth of the universe

WUWM 89.7FM: Milwaukee’s NPR, February 9, 2022
Advocates for voters with disabilities voice concern over Republican efforts to shape Wisconsin elections

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 22, 2022
Disabled Voters Speak Out on Absentee Ballot Return Prohibition