If you’re a Voter with Disabilities in Wisconsin, Here’s What you Should Know

Vote 2020 Presidential Election - the O in Vote is wearing a mask

The coronavirus pandemic has created barriers for many voters, and voters with disabilities are no exception.

They make up a sizable portion of the voting population: according to the American Association of People with Disabilities, approximately 23% of the electorate this year will be voters with disabilities.

They’re also voters who statistically get left behind. Rutgers University’s Fact Sheet on Disability and Voter Turnout in the 2018 Elections found a 10.4% gap in Wisconsin voter turnout between citizens with and without disabilities.

In Wisconsin, voters with disabilities have options. There are accommodations, hotlines, and other resources available for them to make sure their votes count.

If you’re a voter with disabilities in Wisconsin, here’s what you should know.




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