Wisconsin State Senate passes AB 168/ SB 246

Representative Zimmerman and Ramsey Lee smiling for camera

On October 8, the Wisconsin State Senate passed AB 168/ SB 246 relating to the requirement for stating name and address prior to voting.  AB 168 will allow individuals who cannot state their name and address to have an election official or another individual selected by the voter state the name and address for them.  Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW) provides advocacy assistance to voters with disabilities who have experienced barriers to participating in the electoral process, and we have received contacts from voters with disabilities and family members with concerns about the current requirement.   Read DRW’s testimony to the Senate Committee on Election, Ethics, and Rural Issues (accessible pdf).
Thank you to the legislature for supporting this change, and thanks to the Disability Vote Coalition and others who supported this.  Special thanks to self-advocate Ramsey Lee for his leadership advancing this bill.  We are looking forward to having Governor Evers sign the bill!

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