POSTPONED – Elected for Inclusion: A Presidential Forum on Disability Issues

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Update: This event has been postponed.  The organizers hope to reschedule.  Read the announcement for more details.

This Message is from The Arc:

The Arc is excited to share that there will be a presidential forum on disability issues in Austin, Texas on January 13, 2020! The forum is organized through the American Association of People with Disabilities’ REV UP campaign and is sponsored by The Arc.

How can you and your community get involved?

This is an opportunity for the disability community to come together and learn about candidates’ stances on issues that are important to us.

A watch party is a great way to bring together a group of people to view a forum or debate together. People can spend time with each other, eat and drink, play games, and learn how candidates approach disability issues. The Arc has created a free toolkit for you that includes tips for planning and executing a watch party, as well as marketing materials, a bingo game, signs to make, and more.

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