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Transportation Resource for April 5th Election

Do you need a ride to the polls? The Disability Vote Coalition has resource that…

March 9th Wisconsin Election Committee Public Testimony

The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition provided public comments at the March 9th meeting of the…
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Shining a Light on the Importance of Voting Local

Local elections matter! This new video features Stephanie Birmingham – a powerful advocate who is…
Preview of the Absentee Voting 2022 Factsheet. Full accessible document is available in post.

Absentee Voting in Wisconsin Factsheet – 2022 Elections

As the 2022 Elections approach, learn more about absentee voting. Do not delay and request…

DRW Testimony at Feb 21 Assembly State Affairs Committee Public Hearing

Disability Rights Wisconsin submitted the following testimony regarding the impact of voting bills on people…

Statement of Support for SB 937 – Indefinitely Confined Voters

Wisconsin’s Indefinitely Confined Voter status is vitally important to ensuring that many voters who are…
Preview of the first page of the Make Your Plan to Vote document.

Make Your Plan to Vote – April 5 Spring Election

Be prepared to vote in the April 5 Spring Election. Our factsheet will help you…

DRW Testimony at February 7 Senate Election Committee Public Hearing

The Senate Election Committee held a hearing on February 7th on eleven new voting bills….
Preview of the Local Elections factsheet. An accessible PDF version is available in the post.

Local Elections Factsheet

Learn about the importance of local elections for local issues! The Disability Vote Coalition has…
Preview of the County Board of Supervisor factsheet. Accessible pdf is available in post.

County Board of Supervisors Fact Sheet

Learn about the role your county board of supervisor plays in various issues! The Disability…