Advocacy Opportunity: New State Bills Would Make It Harder for People with Disabilities and Older Adults to Vote


[ Page Updated at 3:39 3/25/2021 ]

Wisconsin legislators are being asked to support some voting bills that will make it harder for many people with disabilities and older adults to vote.

What will these bills do?

The bills would:

  • Create new barriers to voting for many voters with a disability and older adults.
  • Make it more difficult for friends and neighbors to assist you with returning an absentee ballot.
  • Restrict workers in nursing homes and group homes from offering residents assistance with voting.
  • Threaten volunteers, clerks, and others with prosecution for violating the new barriers.

A summary of the voting bills is available here (accessible PDF).

If these issues are important to you, tell your legislators about your concerns regarding these bills: SB 203 / AB 192, SB 204, SB 205 / AB 179, SB 206 / AB 180, SB 209 / AB 177, SB 212 / AB 198 and SB 214.

  • Let them know how the voting bills will impact you and will make it harder for many Wisconsinites with disabilities and older adults to vote.
  • Share the barriers that you or other voters with disabilities or older adults may experience, such as transportation, no photo ID, etc.
  • Ask them to work with the disability and aging communities to address barriers to voting and protect voter rights.

Contact Information for Legislators

To find contact information for your legislators, you can call the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-362-9472 or enter your home address in the “Who Are My Legislators?” box on the Wisconsin State Legislature Home Page



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