Disability Related Voter Complaints

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If you are a voter with a disability who has a complaint regarding your voting experience, you should consider filing a complaint.  Filing a complaint ensures that your concern is recorded and can resolved to make voting more accessible in the future.

Here are some examples of reasons to file a complaint:

  • Polling site does not have an accessible voting machine
  • Accessible voting machine is not turned on, set-up, and immediately ready for use
  • Poll site staff are not prepared or trained to provide assistance with the accessible voting machine
  • The accessible voting machine malfunctions resulting in delay or requiring the voter to have to vote without the accessible voting machine
  • Poll site staff interrogate a voter about their disability
  • Poll site staff deny access to the accessible voting machine
  • Inadequate space around the accessible voting machine for a voter using a wheelchair. scooter or other mobility device.
  • Accessible voting machine positioned in a way that compromises voter privacy (screen can be seen by others in room)
  • Requested accessible voting machine attachment or accessory is unavailable or broken

The Wisconsin Election Commission website has information about the complaint process. You may submit a complaint online or request that a paper complaint form be mailed to you to complete and mail to the commission.  Wisconsin Election Commission Complaints Information and Forms: https://elections.wi.gov/elections/election-security-integrity/election-complaints-concerns

To get help filing a disahttps://elections.wi.gov/complaintsbility related complaint, contact the Disability Rights Wisconsin Voter Hotline at 844-DIS-VOTE/ 844-347-8683.

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