Rides to the Polls in Wisconsin: 2020 Election

Souls to the Polls – WISDOM / EXPO / MICAH

  • Counties
  • Area of Coverage
    City of Milwaukee
  • Who is Eligible
    open to all
  • Cost
  • Early Voting?
  • How to Schedule
    Call 414-246-1823
  • Additional Information

    Souls to the Polls is offering free Lyft and Uber rides to the voting site and home. This safe and reliable transportation is available for anyone who needs a ride during Early Vote (October 20 – November 1) and on election day (November 3).

    Souls to the Polls has set up a Rides Hotline staffed by volunteers that will make reservations and arrange pick-ups at home and from the polls. The Hotline begins October 20 and is open from 8am to 6pm weekdays and 10am to 3pm on weekends.

  • Need Volunteers?
    Yes, only for virtual call center. Contact Dale Dulberger at 414-476-5528 or 414-801-5592 or Dale.Dulberger@gmail.com; or Norma Balentine at newporttoday@gmail.com or 414-383-1821

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