Advocacy Opportunity: New State Bills Would Make It Harder for People with Disabilities and Older Adults to Vote

Wisconsin legislators are being asked to support some voting bills that will make it harder for many people with disabilities and older adults to vote. What will these bills do? The bills would:…

WDVC Testimony for Joint Committee Hearing: 2020 General Election Review

On December 11th, the Legislature held a Joint Committee Hearing to review the 2020 General Election.  The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition sent this informational testimony to members of the Assembly and Senate Election Committees. View the Summary
Vote 2020 Presidential Election - the O in Vote is wearing a mask

If you’re a Voter with Disabilities in Wisconsin, Here’s What you Should Know

The coronavirus pandemic has created barriers for many voters, and voters with disabilities are no exception. They make up a sizable portion of the voting population: according to the American Association of People with Disabilities, approximately 23% of the electorate this year…