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The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition is a non-partisan effort to help ensure full participation in the electoral process of voters with disabilities.

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Voting questions: Contact the Disability Rights Wisconsin Voter Hotline:
1-844-347-8683 / 1-844-DIS-VOTE / info@disabilityvote.org

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Election Day Is February 21st

Make sure you have your plan to vote! Our fact sheet walks you through the process: Make Your Plan to Vote 2023 Fact Sheet
Additional resources are available in our Voter Toolkit – 2023 Elections

Vote for the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice on February 21st

Your vote matters! Four candidates are running in the February 21 primary for one seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The top two vote-getters will compete in the April 4 general election.

The Justice elected in April will serve for ten years and could be the swing vote on issues important to people with disabilities, such as voting rights, access to community living and healthcare, mental health commitments, employment rights, education funding, access to ASL interpreters, and more. The Supreme Court hears about 60 cases a year and many are decided on a 3 – 4 decision. Check out these resources to learn more about the candidates and why the Wisconsin Supreme Court election is so important.

Absentee ballots must arrive by Election Day!

If you still have an absentee ballot for the February 21st election, it may be too late to mail your ballot. The USPS recommends allowing at least a week for the mail. If it is too late to mail your ballot, make a plan to return your ballot, or to vote in person. Ask your clerk about times and locations for returning your absentee ballot.

Ballot Return Assistance

Voters with a disability may request assistance with mailing or delivering their absentee ballot, or with any part of the voting process, from anyone who is not their employer or a representative of their labor union. Voters should let their assistor know they may be asked to confirm they are returning a ballot for a person with a disability. The voter and assistor should not have to fill out any forms or provide proof of disability. The right to assistance is protected by federal law and was affirmed by an August 2022 Federal Court order.

For information about ballot return assistance:
§ Guidance on Absentee Ballot Return Options Under the Federal Voting Rights Act including Judge Peterson’s Opinion, Order and Injunction, WI Election Commission

If you have questions or experience barriers, please contact the DRW Voter Hotline at 844-347-8683 or email info@disabilityvote.org

Voting on Election Day?

Check your polling place as it may have changed. https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/Find-My-Polling-Place
Remember to bring your photo ID. If you don’t have a driver’s license or other valid Photo ID, you can get a FREE Wisconsin State ID card at any Wisconsin DMV location. Don’t delay – act today! Help is available:
Bring it to the Ballot
DMV voter ID hotline : (844) 588-1069
Call or text Vote Riders: 844-338-8743
Call or text the LWV Voter Helpline at 608-285-2141

Are You Registered to Vote?

You can register at your polling place on Election Day or at your clerk’s office. Be sure to bring your photo ID and proof of residence documents, such as a current utility bill, lease, paycheck or pay stub, university ID card or other official document showing your name and current address.
Curbside Voting

Wisconsin law requires that curbside voting be available to voters who cannot enter their polling place due to disability. To vote curbside, you may need to ring a doorbell, honk your horn, or go to an area in the parking lot or outside your polling place. If you need to vote curbside, it’s helpful to call your clerk in advance to get the details.
· Find your clerk at myvote.wi.gov/my-Municipal-Clerk

Know Your Rights

People with disabilities have the right to have an equal opportunity to vote, and to access disability related accommodations, if needed.
Our video and fact sheet explain voting rights and accommodations:
All polling places must have accessible voting equipment set up and turned on.
This is required by federal and state law. This machine allows voters to independently and privately mark the ballot. They should be set up to allow voters who use a wheelchair to reach the controls, and have an audio ballot-marking option for voters with a visual disability. Any voter may use this equipment. Be an ally when you go to the polls and ask to use the accessible voting equipment.

Order Our Free 2023 Election Postcards and Poster

Help rev up the disability vote! Order our free 2023 election postcards and posters. Use them at events, in your literature racks, share with clients, and include in mailings. Postcards are available in English and Spanish.

Order 2023 Elections Postcards - Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition
Order 2023 Elections Posters - Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition

Join Us March 6th for School Boards Matter: Why You Need to Vote in Local Elections

Many communities across the state will have school board elections on the ballot on April 4th. Join us on March 6th at 6 – 7:15 PM for a virtual forum about the importance of school boards in your community and the impact school board members can have on services for students with disabilities. We will share resources to help you be prepared to vote on April 4th!
Panel members are parents of children with disabilities who will share why they chose to run, progress they have made for students with disabilities and why your vote matters. The panel will be moderated by Heather DuBois Bourenane, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Public Education Network (WPEN). The WPEN is a grassroots, nonpartisan coalition to support public schools.
To request ASL Interpreters or other accommodations, please register ASAP and include that with your request.

Registration is required for this Zoom event.
· Register here: https://bit.ly/DVCSchoolBoardsMatter


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