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The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition is a non-partisan effort to help ensure full participation in the electoral process of voters with disabilities.

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April 5, 2022 Election Updates and Resources

The Spring Election is April 5th. Act now to make your plan to vote:

Local Elections Matter Panel Discussion, March 30 at 6:30 PM

Join the Disability Vote Coalition March 30th on Zoom to hear why voting in local elections matters. Our panel of disability advocates who held local office will share what motivated them to run, and how local government makes a difference in your life. We will discuss the April 5th election and making your plan to vote. Our panel members are back by popular demand!

Absentee Voting

Voters who wish to vote absentee should request, complete and return their ballot as soon as possible.
  • Updated Instructions for Wisconsin Absentee Voters have been released by the Wisconsin Election Commission.
  • The rules for returning absentee ballots have changed for the April election due to a court ruling. Plan on being the one to put your absentee ballot in the mail or return it to your clerk’s office. If you are not able to mail your own ballot because of disability, ask your municipal clerk for guidance. If the clerk indicates you cannot have someone else mail your ballot, ask for a disability related accommodation.
  • Our 2022 Wisconsin Spring Elections Timeline provides important dates and deadlines for the Spring elections
  • If a voter always needs to vote absentee due to disability, age, illness, or infirmity, they may certify that they are an indefinitely confined voter on their absentee ballot request. They will have their ballot mailed to them for each election until they don’t return a ballot. Note: Any voter may request absentee ballots for the year.
  • Questions? Contact your municipal clerk or contact the DRW Voter Hotline.

Absentee Ballot Witness Requirement

Voting absentee for the Spring Election? You must vote your ballot in the presence of an adult witness.
  • The witness can be any adult US citizen except for a candidate on your ballot. A witness can be a friend, spouse, family member, or care worker.
  • Seal the envelope in the presence of your witness.
  • Have your witness sign the certificate envelope on the line marked “Signature of Witness” and write their full address underneath the witness signature.
  • Make sure you and your witness complete all information on the envelope so your vote will be counted.

Voting on Election Day?

Plan ahead for transportation. The Disability Vote Coalition is once again sharing a list of transportation resources on our website. Check out our Rides to the Polls.
  • Rides to the Polls allows you to search for a ride. All ride information is provided by ADRCs, transportation providers, and other community groups. To have your program added to our list, email info@disabilityvote.org. The Disability Vote Coalition does not provide transportation.
  • Curbside Voting. If you have difficulty entering your polling place due to disability, curbside voting is required by law. We recommend you contact your clerk in advance of election day to ask how to access curbside voting at your polling place.

Know Your Rights

People with disabilities have the right to have an equal opportunity to vote, and to access disability related accommodations, if needed. Some of the most widely used accommodations are curbside voting, receiving assistance with marking a ballot, and use of accessible voting machines. If you need assistance, ask for a disability related accommodation. If you have a question about your voting rights, contact the DRW Voter Hotline at 844-347-8683 or email us at info@disabilityvote.org.

See our Know Your Rights fact sheet and video:

Right to Assistance Completing Your Ballot

If you are a voter with a disability, and/or have difficulty in reading or writing, you have the right to receive assistance with marking your ballot. You may ask a person of your choice to assist you to complete your absentee ballot or at your polling place. Poll workers are required to assist you if you request it.
You cannot receive assistance from your employer or union representative.  The person providing assistance shall certify on the back of the ballot that it was marked with their assistance.

Guardianship and Voting Rights

In Wisconsin, a person under guardianship retains the right to vote unless the court expressly removes it. If an individual is under guardianship and unsure of their right to vote, the Court’s decision is recorded on a court form called “A Determination and Order on Petition for Guardianship Due to Incompetency.” A person who has a guardian and has lost the right to vote may petition the court to restore their right to vote.
Questions? Check our materials or call the DRW Voter Hotline: 844-347-8683.

DVC Public Comments to the Wisconsin Election Commission

The Disability Vote Coalition is concerned about recent developments in Wisconsin that may restrict the voting rights of people with disabilities and older adults. Read our March 9th public comments to the Wisconsin Election Commission in support of voting rights. We address the voting rights of care facility voters, and also the importance of absentee ballot return assistance to ensure equitable access to voting for many disabled voters and older adults.

2022 Elections Postcards and Posters

Order our free postcards and posters to increase awareness of the 2022 elections. They include 2022 elections dates, voter registration info, and where to call for help.

Resources for Voters with Criminal Convictions

Wisconsinites who have a criminal conviction may be unsure of their right to vote. Check out these materials for additional information. Questions? Call the Wisconsin Election Commission Helpline at 866-868-3944.

Have a Voting Question?

Help is available. Contact the Disability Rights Wisconsin Voter Hotline at 1-844-347-8683 / 1-844-DIS-VOTE or email us at info@disabilityvote.org We are open year round to assist you with your voting questions.

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